Free Public Internet Access

Kansas City Kiosks is building a network of kiosks providing access to the Internet in public areas.  The Internet has become an important part of everyday business and personal life.  Access to the Internet while away from the home or office, though, is inconvenient or simply unavailable.  Attempts at providing access using cell phones or palm computers are limited and cumbersome compared to the full screen PC with keyboard we are all accustomed to using.  Public Internet access kiosks provide the full-screen browser people are accustomed to using, along with a keyboard and pointing device. 

These kiosks present quality advertising opportunities through either our shared sponsor model, or our full sponsor model.  We also offer pay Internet access kiosks, and share the profits with the hosting business.

Shared Sponsor:

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Full Sponsor:

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Pay Internet Access Kiosks:

We purchase, install, and maintain a pay Internet kiosk in your business.  You provide the electricity, and we provide the rest - and best of all, you share in the profits!  These units are equipped with a bill accepters and credit card readers, and they allow your customers to purchase Internet access time in your store, restaurant, or other business.

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